• What are your hours?

    Our studios are available for rental 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of The Box location which has restricted hours of 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM. These hours are dictated by our lease agreement at The Box and are very strictly enforced. 

  • I'm interested in booking. Can you hold dates for me? 

    Absolutely! When you get in touch with us regarding your project, provided the dates and times requested are available, we will place a complimentary 24 hour hold on your requested dates with no payment required. This is as a courtesy to you to allow you to firm up your plans and give you an opportunity to view the studios. If a conflict arises with another prospective client within the 24 hour period, we will make every effort to contact you first, at which point you can decide to confirm your dates or else forfeit the courtesy hold.

  • Can I view the studio prior to booking?

    We offer complimentary viewings of our studios on weekday mornings between 8am and 9am. These viewings typically are 15-20 minutes long. A representative will meet you at the studio to show you around and explain all the features. Unfortunately this is the only time we can guarantee viewings without disturbing other clients that may have the studios booked that day. If you require an alternate time for a viewing, please get in touch with us and we will try and find a time that is convenient when the studio is vacant. 

  • Can I bring my own lights?

    Our studios are equipped with a range of state of the art full colour LED stage lights as well as Source 4 stage lights. Their use is included in our performance package bookings. If you require use of these lights outside of performance bookings or additional lighting, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. If bringing your own lights to hang from our grid, a technical representative from Brick and Mortar will need to be hired and be present to supervise the safe and proper hanging of these lights. Rates for technical support are listed on the Pricing & Rates page above.

  • What is prohibited in the studios?

    We hate to put restrictions on your creativity, but unfortunately our property leases demand certain ground rules. The use of fog, smoke, and dry ice is prohibited in all our studios due to the possibility of fog leaking into adjacent units and bothering our neighbours. The use of open flames such as candles are also prohibited in all our studios. Our studios are 100% tobacco free and smoking (both tobacco, herbal or "other") is strictly prohibited, even during performances. Our leases and policies also enforce a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and no illicit drugs are to be brought onto or consumed on the premises. The consumption or sale of alcohol is also strictly prohibited (except when authorized by a Special Occasion Permit), even during performances or special events. Violators of these rules will be fined a $500.00 damage deposit, will lose their deposit on any future bookings and will not be welcome in our studios in the future as well as face potential criminal charges.

  • What is your damage policy? 

    We understand that accidents can happen during your stay with us and we make every effort to work with you on repairing or replacing damage as quickly as possible. As a formality, we take a credit card number on file as a security/damage deposit, prior to every booking. This is to ensure quality control not only for your booking, but for other guests following your booking. If damage (excluding wear and tear) or mess is reported by a guest immediately following your booking, you will be contacted to discuss how it occurred and if we deem that the damage or mess was caused by your party, your credit card on file will be charged the appropriate amount to cover costs, damages and/or losses. 

    It is for this reason that we highly recommend inspecting the studios carefully at the beginning of each visit to make sure that there is no existing damage or mess from a previous guest that you may be responsible for. We pride ourselves on offering clean, sanitary studios with fully functioning equipment for all our guests and this policy is designed to help us reach our high standards. When you are finished your stay, we ask that you leave the studio in the same broom-swept condition you found it, with garbage appropriately disposed of and chairs and tables properly stowed for the next guest. If an accident occurs during your stay, please get in touch with us immediately so we may fix it right away.

  • What is your cancellation policy? 

    100% of payment is due upfront and is non-refundable. For bookings over $200.00 that are over 2 weeks away, 50% of payment will be due upfront and non-refundable. The other 50% of payment will be due at the start of your booking(s).

  • I'm ready to book! What next? 

    Great! Once we are settled on dates and times, we will send you a quote and contract, listing the dates and times requested. Please review this quote carefully to ensure all information is correct. Once you accept the quote and sign the contract, an invoice will automatically be generated. Payment can be made by credit card, directly through the invoice, or by e-transfer. Once the invoice is paid and the contract is signed, we will send you a confirmation email with information on how to access the space and what to expect when you arrive, while you are there and when you are ready to leave. 

    *Please note: A damage/security deposit is required in the form of a credit card number. This credit card number can be directly filled out in the contract. 

  • Do you offer discounts?

    We believe our pricing is extremely competitive, and we pride ourselves on offering the best possible facilities to the artistic community while still maintaining a level of accessibility to those with limited budgets. There is very little flexibility on our pricing, however discounts for long-term bookings may be available depending on the circumstances.