The real actor team

Vikki Velenosi

Vikki Velenosi loves writing bios. It's the only time that speaking in the third person is accepted.. no... applauded. And if it were acceptable, she would speak in the third person all the time. It adds a certain legitimacy to one's accomplishments that is unparalleled.
Vikki is an animal lover...but not in the illegal kind of way. When she is not spending time writing funny Facebook posts, she is running Brick and Mortar with her pal, Kasey.

kasey dunn

Kasey is a theatre artist and entrepreneur from small-town rural Ontario. She is an animal advocate and spends her time outside the theatre running a cat rescue and proposing animal welfare legislation to municipalities around the province. When not cuddling cats, she enjoys other cat lady behaviours like knitting and being antisocial. Kasey is co-founder of Brick and Mortar.

Aaron binder

Aaron is a co-owner at Go Tours Canada, Virtual Reality Producer and Public Speaker.  Over the past 10 years he has developed cultural commentaries through projects like Clara Gluten Free Water and advocated more locally for Windsor, Ontario through the Windsor Yes! Twitter campaign.  Aaron can occasionally be found on the Huffington Post writing about politics and consumer legislation.

shakeil rollock

As an emerging dancer, choreographer and instructor, I’m proud to call Toronto my home. Starting dance late at the age of seventeen, I mainly trained in urban stylesan later was influenced to train in modern, ballet, contemporary and jazz techniques. As a graduate form the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, I have developed my experience through working with artists such as Louis Laberge-Côté, Allen and Karen Kaeja (Kaeja d’Dance) Draico (Step Up Franchise), Hollywood Jade (Jully Black Entertainment), Meagan O’shea (Stand Up Dance), Newton Moraes (Newton Moraes Dance Theatre), Christopher House (Toronto Dance Theatre), Kevin Ormsby (Kashedance), Julie Perron (Cirque du Soleil) and Debra Brown (Cirque du Soleil).

yvonne gauthier
Stage Manager

Yvonne is SUPER excited to be stage managing for Real Actors. Not People, as she's had a life long desire to boss people around (and she is great at it!) She would like to thanks Snow White Productions and Brick and Mortar for bringing her in, so she can tell everyone what to do, and where to go. Now please, enjoy the show, or she will likely burn this place to the ground!

simon fon
Fight Director

With over 600 professional credits in TV, Film and Stage, stretching from Broadway to Stratford to Yellowknife, Simon specializes in all areas of combat: Weaponry, Aerial Flying (NAAFED certified), and Unarmed Combat (Eastern and Western). Simon has coached and performed with top actors such as Christopher Plummer, Rachel McAdams, Martin Short, Billy Connolly, and Colm Feore to name a few. Fight Master with FDC and Executive Director and Founder of RIOT A.C.T.–earning 17 nominations and 8 awards, including Simon for Male Action Performer of the Year 2009 AOF Festival.

True or False?

After the show, you might be asking yourself just how "true" this true-to-life story is.
Want to make sure it's not Fake News? We will help you Fact Check.

  • Kasey and Vikki met at a Diarrhea commercial?

    False: Kasey and Vikki actually met on Spacefinder when Vikki used Kasey's space!


  • The Attic and The Box opened at the same time?

    False: Vikki began the Box as a small operation out of her apartment in 2013 and Kasey opened the Attic in 2015. Kasey was braver than Vikki and took the full commercial lease plunge.

  • Kasey and Vikki opened a space beside an eyelash studio?

    True! It was called the Station and they were there for 4 days before the landlord told them they had to leave because the Meisner classes were making them lose customers.

  • Kasey and Vikki are Disney Princesses?

    True! They even do parties together! 

  • Are Kasey and Vikki really rich and famous?


  • Kasey and Vikki were afraid to pay themselves?

    TRUE. Several artist friends told Kasey and Vikki that what they were doing was not fair because they were taking money from artists.

  • Brick and Mortar was evicted from the new, new space, The Commons?

    TRUE. They renovated for 2 months straight and on the day they completed those renovations, they received a notice that they had 60 days left because the place needed major construction.

  • Kasey and Vikki could stay at The Commons if they paid 3 times the fee?

    This is true! It was actually 4.5 times the fee, but "3 times" fit better into the song. Kasey and Vikki contacted lawyers regarding their eviction, but their lease made it perfectly legal for the landlord to evict them to do the renovations. 

  • A party trashed the place and a 15 piece drum band was filming the next morning?

    TRUE. The film crew arrived the following morning to find the fire alarm going off, the smell of pot and garbage, empties, clothing, drug remnants, a used condom, underwear and stickiness everywhere. They wanted a refund. Obviously. Thanks to those partiers who gave us some great material for our show!

  • A real estate agent told Kasey he had roofied her?

    TRUE. 'Nuff said.

  • An intimate reading changed the future of Brick and Mortar?

    True. Just when Kasey and Vikki felt like they had nothing left, a life-changing experience at The Attic pushed them to keep going, and re-open a Commons Space!

The Real Actor Team would like to extend a big thank you to:

Izad Etemadi
Johnathan Holmes
Brandon Stewart
All the artists who use Brick and Mortar Spaces!
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